One Haddington Buildings

cabinets over and concealed soap and paper towel dispensers. ‘Mavone’ wall mounted WC with ‘Geberit Duofix’ concealed cistern and ‘Galerie Plan’ urinals. LIFTS AND LOBBY AREAS: LIFTS: 3 No. new 12 person lifts with a waiting time of less than 10 seconds. 1 No. platform lift at reception. All lifts shall comply with EN 81 1998. FLOORS: Bara Beren Marble floor tiling. LOBBY WALLS: Jacobel painted glass panelling system with featured American White Oak panelled walls opposite the lift doors. LOBBY CEILINGS: Profiled Gyproc plasterboard on Gyproc MF system with perimeter recessed detail to house continuous feature lighting. TENANT AMENITY: SHOWERS: New accessible WC and shower room at Basement level with adjoining locker room and cleaner’s store, male and female showers, changing rooms and locker facilities. PLANT: Space for tenant plant is available at roof level for comms rooms condensers and / or similar tenant equipment. EXTERNAL FINISHES: FAÇADES: New ‘Branco Michaela’ stone clad side wall to new entrance in conjunction with existing red brick façades. WINDOWS: New ‘Ideal Combi’ composite framed double-glazed windows to office areas with new seals, flashings, and insulated panels. ROOF: New roof membrane, rainwater outlets, thermal insulation and roof safety system with new open plant / equipment screening for externally located air conditioning equipment. New Boilers and Cold Water Storage tanks are located in enclosed plantrooms. CAR / BICYCLE PARKING: CARS: 25 car parking spaces (including two fully accessible spaces and two electric vehicle charging spaces) with roller shutter controlled access to car park with controls linked to building reception. BICYCLE: 47 bicycle parking spaces and staff lockers. SUSTAINABILITY TARGET: BER Target is A3 (Full Certification shall be provided). MECHANICAL: AIR CONDITIONING: The air conditioning system comprises of an exposed active chilled beam installation throughout the office area floor plates. These multi-service chilled beams will provide fresh air to the space as well as all cooling and heating. The beams will convey all required LED lighting, emergency lighting and fire protections services. The chilled beam system will offer tenants an energy efficient system with good control in both central and perimeter zones. COOLING: Provided via the roof mounted energy efficient heat pump system which provides chilled water to the active multiservice beams. HEATING: Provided via the roof mounted energy efficient heat pump system which provides low pressure hot water to the active multiservice beams. INDOOR CLIMATE / OPERATIVE TEMPERATURE: Winter mode: 21+/- 2°C Summer mode: 22.5+/-1.5 °C Air velocity within the occupation zone shall be as per tenant requirements. Winter mode: 0.15m/s Summer mode: 0.25 m/s VENTILATION: The building will be provided with a complete, new, energy efficient ventilation system. Fresh air shall be delivered from new air handling equipment installed at roof level to provide the building with fresh air as per CIBSE standards and guidelines and fitted with heat recovery as required by current regulations. Fresh air loads shall be based on the requirement of one person per 8m2 and 10 litres/sec/person fresh air. Fresh air shall be ducted to the active exposed multi service chilled beam system. Areas such as, toilets, cleaner’s stores etc. shall be designed to operate under negative pressures to avoid odours emanating from those areas. All exhaust air points shall be separated from supply air points and exhausted at roof level. PROTECTIVE SERVICES: The building is covered throughout with a fully automatic fire detection system. The mechanical systems shall be linked through the BMS to the fire alarm systems. All areas shall be completed with fire extinguishers as per code. ELECTRICAL: LIGHTING: New lighting installation as per CIBSE code for lighting LG3, CIBSE / SLL Code for Lighting 2012. The emergency lighting system shall comply with I.S. 3217:2013+A1:2017, comprising self-contained luminaires and emergency power packs controlled from central test units. All luminaires and power packs shall comply with ICEL 1001 and with IS 3217. Lighting design allows for 350-400 lux and is installed as part of the multiservice active chilled beam installation with the energy efficient LED lighting system controlled via presence controls and day light control allowances. POWER: The refurbished building’s main distribution systems will have capacity for expansion on the floors. The LV switch room has been designed to accommodate single or multiple tenancy metering. There is an option for an MV supply to be introduced should the requirement arise. Power factor and surge protection will be provided. Main power cables will be provided with 30% spare capacity. Main distribution boards will be Form 4. Sub distribution boards provided at 2 No. boards per floor to allow for separation and zoning of floor plates. The building will distribute services over 3 separate cable runways. New cable way installations comprising cable tray and cable ladder will be provided throughout the building. Cable way systems shall have 30% spare capacity. Surge protection and power factor correction will be applied to the new installation. The refurbished building will provide the tenant with all sub-circuit wiring from the distribution boards to the under floor bus bar systems. Power shall ultimately be distributed as part of the tenant fit out via floor grommets from the under-floor busbars. Power to cleaning sockets and core areas shall be provided via the landlord metered supply. SUSTAINABILITY: Designed to achieve BER A3 and to be NZEB compliant. 17